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Search Engine Optimization has become a necessity for those who want to be competitive online. It is a process and an Internet Marketing Strategy aimed at accomplishing high-ranking positions on the highly desired top place of the search engine results pages (SERP). The qualified professionals at IWW have been active members of the SEO industry from its beginning in the early 2000s. SEO is an integral part of any successful website project. Examples of SEO Strategy include:

  • Guidance for SEO best design practices and search friendly design. Deliverable in the form of a template optimization document that clearly outlines how to optimize product/service level pages. This is accomplished by including current on-page content into the various areas traditionally targeted in SEO campaigns. Suggestion: Start Paragraph with SEO Guidance for best design practices and search friendly design.
  • SEO Recommendation and guidance of best coding techniques (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Graphics, URL Structure, Meta tags, Information Structure, Interlinking, Sitemaps, etc.). IWW also outlines obstacles and provides solutions to current obstacles (e.g., Use of Session ID’s, JavaScript Navigation, Flash, etc.), which prevent websites from obtaining optimal results in the search engines. The optimized code will be developed and delivered electronically in either an excel spreadsheet or individual .txt files. Implementation is a simple copy-and-paste procedure. (Optimized code elements consist of: Titles, Meta-keywords and Description tags, visible copy recommendations in an attempt to boost keyword density, and image ALT Text). Note: Do the items in parentheses mean for example or is the same as – will determine if you use e.g. or i.e. Note: (Optimized code elements consist of: Needs to be rewritten, but not sure of wording.
  • The Page Selection Strategy outlines the pages we are selecting for optimization and the methodology behind our decisions. While all of the pages on a website are important, there are many factors to consider. For example, the current page rank, possible keywords, search volume for the selected terms, and the chances of obtaining high rankings based on competition when going through this process.
  • SEO Recommendations and guidance for CMS implementation (if used).
  • Keyword Research and Recommendation – Keyword selection methodology.
  • Including keyword(s) search volume and effectiveness, and keyword traffic estimation.
  • SEO recommendations and strategy for Universal search (blended search) including local, product + services, news, images, video, blogs, pdfs, etc.
  • Develop and implement Social Media strategy for SEO purposes.
  • Develop SEO reporting – Traffic and Position Baseline Reports are run prior to client implementation. These reports are crucial, as they provide a snapshot of a current website’s visibility prior to any SEO efforts. These Baseline Reports are used throughout the campaign to show incremental increases in visibility.