Mind Mapping

Mind mapping helps you market more effectively by allowing you to switch between the “big picture” view of your marketing and being able to focus on the details of individual projects.

Mind mapping helps you Position yourself in the market, by viewing your business in the context of your competition and identifying a niche for you to dominate in your market. The starting point for business success is to create a visual representation of your business and your competition, so that you can focus on what makes you different–and better–than the competition.

Mind mapping helps define Creative Briefs to identify the goals and objectives of each project; summarize the goals of a project and define the strategies used to accomplish them. This eliminates any uncertainty by delegating tasks and responsibilities, as well as specifying the dates, when work begins and is expected to end.

Our mind-mapping session can help your business define a market niche, understand your target audiences, define your competition, discover growth in a market segment and even foresee new products. It can enable your company to see where its focus should be, and sometimes, where it has lost its focus. Our sessions have helped companies to see where their position is in a market, where it needs to be corrected and how to do it. We have helped some companies reinvent themselves and others to find themselves again.