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Complete Website Redesign and Development based on a CMS, implementation of a blog

Concurrency, Inc.

Complete website redesign, CMS implementation, blog

Rock Your IT Career

Website Design and Development based on a CMS system.

Legends of Style

Website Design and Development

Experience Center

Landing Page Design, Banner design, Flash Banners

Life Lock

Website Design and Development

Optics & Photonics

Website Design for various Regions of the Globe


New eCommerce Website, PHP, Shopping Cart Integration

Next Student

Website Makeover

Pollack Investments

Website Redesign and Development


Website Redesign and Development, CMS


A landing page to highlight Awards

Crossroads B&C

Complete Website Redesign, development of CMS and blog

Pursue Skin Care

Pursue Skin Care


New eCommerce Website, Luxury Villas Brand, Realty Website, Villas for Luxury Vacation Rental, Villa Availability Calendar, Joomla


Website Makeover
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