Are Facebook Video Ads Worth It?

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Have you heard the debate raging these days about whether or not Facebook’s popularity among marketers is justified? Trust me, it’s no contest.

  • Facebook’s ad prices are still rather cheap.
  • There are well over a billion people on Facebook.
  • Nearly 800 million of them log in every day.
  • 90% of B2C marketers rely on Facebook advertising.

The Video Factor

It’s a no brainer that video should be a part of any advertising campaign. Facebook advertising is no exception. After all, videos convert better and are especially useful for lead generation. For example, Heineken recently tried it and scored a slam dunk, reaching 35 million users in just three days! They found that Facebook was the perfect home for their videos, due to the engaging atmosphere and high likeliness for conversion.

This is a trend you don’t want to miss out on. Facebook video ads are overtaking YouTube statistics!  In November of 2014, more videos were uploaded to Facebook than to YouTube. And with engagement climbing 25% on Facebook earlier in 2014 and a report from Adobe announcing that video was the most popular medium on social sites, it’s not hard to see the trend.

Facebook video ads work if you know how to do it. Partner with a social media marketing firm or expert to make sure you’re not pouring your money down the drain with ineffective techniques and strategies. This has led many to give up on the platform entirely. While in the meantime, those who know how to properly utilize this powerful tool are laughing all the way to the bank.