How to Engage Your Social Media Audience

social media, get engagement, increase social media presenceI’m guessing you already have a social media account or two set up, and you may even have a small following. But where are the comments, likes, and retweets? It’s frustrating to have a great page set up with your logo and attractive imagery and all the stats/contact info on your company – but no one shows up for the party. Well, let me explain to you what you might be missing.

  • Content: Most companies make the mistake of posting way too much about themselves. Learn to think of social media as a cocktail party. How many business contacts or leads would you get at a cocktail party if you only ever talked about yourself? You’re not that guy, are you? Well then don’t be that guy on Twitter, either! Curate stories, news, and tips from other people to make your social pages relevant and attractive to your audience – occasionally throw in a link to your hot sale or a picture of your new location, etc.cocktail party, social media conversation, social media party
  • People: This one naturally follows from the previous point. If you stop talking about yourself so much, the next step is to focus on your people. What do they like? What other related interests might they have? Talk about those things. Sere your customers, and they will reward you with engagement and business.
  • Conversation: Social Media is not about advertising. I cannot stress this enough. If you want advertising, go rent a billboard or some radio time. This is all about a conversation. Respond to comments and retweets. Answer questions in a timely manner. Show your audience you are there for them, and they will show up for you.

The Takeaway
This is just a start, but these points are vital to a thriving social presence. Make sure you or your social media consultants are implementing each of these areas of focus, and watch that dead, albeit pretty, social media page you’re so proud of turn into a hangout spot!