What Does a Digital Agency Have to do with Suicide?

Suicide-ribbonIt’s not all about money. Use search marketing to do good. 

In recognition of the National Suicide Prevention Week, we would like to contribute to spreading of awareness of this tragic, but, yet often, too common cause of death. With the recent untimely death of the actor and comedian Robin Williams, who committed suicide just a month ago, this epidemic received more spotlights in the news headlines than is typically the case. However according to Google Trends, a great place to measure the interest and popularity of news topics, attention paid to the topic of suicide is declining.

We want to spread the word about suicide prevention. “Research conducted on suicide has concluded that more than 90 percent of people who kill themselves have depression or another diagnosable mental illness or substance abuse disorder.” (Examhealth.com)

Knowledge of this statistics should send shivers down our spines, since there is a good chance that most of us know people who are struggling with depression or substance abuse. I know several.

Typically people who suffer from depression or substance abuse are withdrawn, which makes it them less visible, and their struggle less obvious. This is why we need to make a greater effort to recognize and to reach them, call them, email them, visit them, an lovingly bug them. By doing so, you will let them know that you care. Who knows, you may help them to overcome depression and addiction? They may not tell you, but you are making an impact when you don’t give up in your reaching out to them. I have a friend who has completely recovered from depression. He had a friend who was calling him every week, for the entire year, and asked him to hang out together. After a year of being persistent he went, and realized that people care about him. This effort of a faithful acquaintance, plus other factors, helped my friend beat depression. 

Robin_Williams Depression and addiction are like two ugly sisters that will bring a healthy person to their self-made grave. Robin Williams is one of most recent, and most visible examples of this fact.

I wonder how many people died due to suicide since Robin’s death? If statistics are right, the number is approximately 3,356 people. “An average of one person dies by suicide every 13.3 minutes. (CDC, AAS)” Save.org.


Can you believe that? I can’t.

So, why are we writing about this here on our IWW Digital Agency blog? Because we want to share with the world this great success story, and explain how this website reaches out to suicidal kids, youth and young adults from all over the world.

For over year and a half, we have been grateful for the opportunity to work with a client whose mission is to help younger kids, teenagers and youth to overcome suicide and suicidal thoughts. Death2Life came to us and asked to help them promote their website, and to spread their message of hope globally. At that time they were getting 10-20 visitors daily to their website. Thanks to a Google program for non-profits we were able to increase their website traffic, and make the message of hope more visible to those in need of changing their lives.

The website is d2lrevolution.com. The way that it works is simple yet profound. When someone feels suicidal, sometimes they go to Google and search how to best do it. In partnership with Google, we setup AdWords campaigns, which serve them simple text ads, inviting them to click or call for help. We target about 1,000 key phrases, which indicate an intention of a suicide. We created 160 different ads with various messages. These ads offer the searcher in need a chat or a call 24/7 for free. Thousands do, and thousands find help every month. Our client reports that that last month (July 2014) they counseled 6,761 people. That’s is awesome. That is TWICE as many as died from suicide since Robin Williams’ death. We feel like our IWW Digital Agency has a greater mission than just to promote a website on the Internet. 

We are thankful to Google for this opportunity. We wrote them a thank you letter with this report, and Google posted it on their success stories website. 

About Death2Life Revolution, Inc. (D2LRev.com) is a worldwide non-profit organization that reaches youth and adults who are living in darkness. D2LREV.COM partners with skateboarders, snowboarders, BMX, motocross, MMA fighters, surfers, mainstream athletes, music artists and others that reach the Generation Y culture through video messages and inspiration. D2L exists specifically for the emotionally hurt, physically abused, and spiritually struggling youth of the world. We challenge those lost to drugs, alcohol, abuse, bullying, cutting, suicide, and suicidal tendencies to instead defeat death. We offer live online counselors, as well as video training and disciplining to those who want true life and those who thirst for truth, hope and peace. 

Learn about the National Suicide Prevention Week. (suicidology.org)

To find help with suicidal thoughts contact  d2lrevolution.com.

For help with Google for non-profits program contact us. 

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Image credits: rolands.lakis