Lead Intelligence Software

How To Track Who Views Your Web Page 

Good marketing practice always means respecting your customer’s privacy while getting the data you need to better serve your markets. Lead Intelligence Software helps marketers by allowing them to track who views your web pages, providing detailed but non-personal information that can do everything from improve conversions (i.e., sales or inquiries) to generating leads – without the need for customers to fill out a form.

Lead Intelligence Software has a number of tools that can generate this information from views of your web page and other data that is generated by other sources such as search engines, your own internet service provider and third parties (such as business information databases).

LeadCaster™ Delivers Business Buyer Interest Simply By Tracking Who Views Your Pages

LeadCaster is our proprietary software that extracts information of a business that has viewed your web page, tracking such items as:

  • Company name
  • Company location
  • The nature or interest of their search
  • The time and date they visited
  • What pages (and topics) they viewed on your website
  • How long they “lingered” on each page of interest
  • Company profile including their products, markets and size
  • Company contact information
  • Key buying influences at that company

Think of the marketing value of the above since it essentially costs nothing more than the general operation of your website: Exclusive (because the competition will not know about the expressed interest), timely (since it’s often earlier in the buying cycle) and successful (because it allows you to become a trusted, useful partner to help fill a real business need rather than being simply another vendor competing on price alone.) Far better than a cold call, you can now contact companies with known needs and start building a relationship that counts.


Tracking who visits your web page can return key information such as the company, city, and interests of the visitor.


Now Start Categorizing Who Views Your Web Pages To See Trends And The Bigger Picture

Lead Intelligence goes even further in helping you track who views your pages by adding critical information that, when combined, can give you what you need to improve your website’s performance including:

Traffic Sources (how your visitors locate your website, for instance what sites are referring and whether these sources are sending more or less traffic) This can include type-in traffic (when people type in or book mark your sites), search engine traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing or others.

Live Page Visits which shows in real time which pages your visitors are viewing “Live” (the exact moment you are watching the report). As visitors enter and navigate your Website, you can instantly see which page they are currently viewing through this report. This includes critical information such as the city and state of who is viewing your pages at that moment, tracking of the pages they viewed previously to get to the current page and much more.

Benefit: Great for instant feedback on target marketing and to learn more about visitor click path habits as they occur which can show you where your website can be clearer, or where other choices or information can be provided to keep visitors on your site and influence them to return again often.

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