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IWW Team

IWW has two goals: To introduce potential clients to the depth of our experience and expertise as an inbound marketing agency, then to partner with them in establishing their position as a viable contender in the Internet Marketplace.

Marek Wawrzyniak

Marek Wawrzyniak

President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Marek is the Founder and CEO of Interactive Web Works, Inc. He is recognized as an Advanced Marketing Professional, Entrepreneur, and Online personality. With his experience in Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing and Information Technology, he is an expert known for crafting the necessary strategic vision to achieve business goals.

Marek’s work has been instrumental in shaping the genesis of the SEO industry, by actively participating in the ever eluding discovery of the search engine algorithms. His daily practice in this newly developed industry at a Fortune 100+ company resulted in visible success for his organization. He has also been a frequent participant at the SES, SMX, and other Internet Marketing conferences from the beginning of their existence.

His contribution to shaping the marketing industry is recognized by numerous invitations to speak. Marek travels nationally, speaking at various events and training seminars on the topics of Internet Marketing, SEO, Social Media, and Inbound Marketing; including, Microsoft offices at Marketing Automation Events, Northwestern Mutual regional meetings, Thompson Media Group’s: The American Strategic Management Institute (ASMI), as well as other national and local associations; such as NAIFA and Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in Phoenix AZ.

With over 17 years of experience in Internet related management, leadership and development, and 15 years experience with Information Technology, Marek was a pioneer professional at the birth of the Internet Marketing industry. He knows how to drive innovation and change. He served as a Web metrics solutions architect and is an experienced web application architect/engineer, program manager from Fortune 100+ companies and start-ups.

Marek’s innovative approach to life and business equips him to think outside the box when facing client posed needs. His philosophy is to go against the grain when all conventional methods yield no solutions. Marek actively pursues the newest and most effective Internet Marketing strategies to boost online visibility and drive traffic. He prides himself in being a results-driven inbound marketing expert. He is an Information Technology Professional, Social Media coach & trainer, public speaker, and is multilingual.

When Marek is not solving complex challenges presented by IWW clients, he is sailing, reading, studying apologetics, and philosophy. He also enjoys traveling with his family.

Mark Whiten

Mark Whiten

Creative Director

Mark is the Creative Director at IWW. Before joining IWW Agency, Mark spent the last 25 years in branding, advertising, and creative direction for an assortment of industries; non-profit organizations, and local start-ups. He helped each organization establish its position in their particular market.

Mark began his career understanding the complexities of branding — and rebranding. His first work in marketing was to help a small, private college as it moved to University status; a slow process with many parts; an institution with 40 years of alums and a small budget. Its success led Mark to other branding projects. Mark gained his experience in product positioning, naming, creating slogans, and taglines; along with attention-getting graphic design of logos, capabilities brochures, and advertising for areas as diverse as wholesale travel, hospitals, and the music industry. Mark is well prepared to be a part of IWW agency’s focus on Inbound Marketing. From start-ups to established corporations, he has helped introduce new products and new names to market with the consistency of branding and strong identities.

Mark spent his early years in the Pacific Northwest, living near Portland, Oregon, enjoying its cultural diversity. Now living in the Phoenix area with his wife and their three sons, he spends much of his free time helping to create a stronger musical culture in the Valley of the Sun.


Lynnea Wawrzyniak

Lynnea Patz

Chief Financial Officer

Lynnea is the Chief Financial Officer of IWW. She was the primary inspiration and impetus for the birth of Interactive Web Works, Inc. She assists in performing all tasks necessary to achieve our agency’s mission. Her diligence, responsive, and detail oriented aptitude ensures a smooth, consistent, and efficient operation of IWW’s day- to-day life.

Lynnea gained her experience from a variety of intercultural involvement. She earned her formal University degree from the École Internationale de Langue et Civilisation Françaises in Paris, France. She served as a professional in the airline industry dealing with high pressure inflight situations where she perfected her quick problem solving abilities and customer service skills. Lynnea’s passion and love for people earned her high credibility with clients. Her international experience prepared her for managing the global operation of IWW.

Lynnea is an avid cyclist and exercise enthusiast. Her passion is for health, nutrition, and wellness. If you don’t see Lynnea at the office, you will most likely find her at the gym working out, or in her kitchen cooking a homemade, healthy meal to share with her family and friends.

Steven Colantuoni

Steven Colantuoni

Director Of Marketing Strategy

Steve has more than two decades of B2B marketing experience helping international companies sell their services to a diverse, mainly manufacturing, clientele.  He is proficient in producing and scripting materials (text, video, and audio) for content marketing campaigns and has an expertise in the areas of market research, lead generation and search engine optimization (SEO).

In addition to working with companies in the private sector, Steve has extensive experience working with public-private agencies.  During the 1990s, he headed economic development efforts in the Arizona-Sonora, Mexico border region, as well as on New Mexico’s southern border.

Steve holds a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages and Economics from McGill University and a Master’s Degree in Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh.  While at the University of Pittsburgh, his concentration was in Latin American Studies.  He is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese.   Steve, his wife Adriana and their daughter, Carolina, reside in Tucson, Arizona.

Vanessa Wawrzyniak

Vanessa Wawrzyniak

Social Media


Vanessa is our Interactive Marketing Intern. Her duties at IWW include simple web development adjustments; assisting our Media Editing department by editing videos, images, and other digital assets. As an Interactive Marketing Intern, Vanessa also assists with Social Media profile set-ups and optimization, content marketing, locating images and photos for blog posts, writing and publishing articles.

When Vanessa is not interning at IWW, she is studying to earn her degree in the medical field. She enjoys biking and swimming; and in turn, they prepare her for triathlons. She seeks to challenge herself to reach new achievements with her passion for fitness.