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The IWW Interactive Agency team began formulating their Internet Marketing skills since 1993. The history below is not of IWW per se from the start, but of us, the people who make up IWW Interactive Agency.

  • 1993


    Experimenting with Gopher, Telnet, Finger, Newsgroups, Archie, Dial-Up 2400 Baud Rate Modems, Listserv, and the “www,” which we had a feeling would stick around for awhile.

  • 1994

    1st Internet Project

    First Internet Project was an online Lead Generation and e-commerce Website hosted on CompuServe, which was optimized for Spry Mosaic and Netscape browsers.

  • 1995

    1st Corporate Website

    Website for Dalton Corporation, which has not changed much since its inception in 1995. You can view it live at

  • 1997

    Cold Fusion Rocks

    Online Shopping Website for Sax Arts and Crafts, which was done in one of the first versions of Cold Fusion. The IDE environment used was the Notepad and Cold Fusion. The current website is still operating, however, after being bought by School Specialty; a newer and better online system is in place.

  • 1998

    Generac Power Systems Days

    As an employee at Generac Power Systems, Inc. our team member lead the project for the corporate website redesign.

  • 2000

    IT Consulting Firm

    Keane, Inc., one of the top IT consulting firms in the nation, prepared us for the rich world of Internet development by providing training, projects, and the right clients to perfect our web development skills.

    A couple of projects worked on were an online case management system for a County government and an online, highly available power outage reporting system for the State wide power utility company. Microsoft ASP and ColdFusion with Oracle database were the chosen technologies. We are told that the ColdFusion power outage reporting system is still in operation. We are pleased.

  • 2001

    Fortune 100 Work

    Working at Northwestern Mutual for 8 years was a dream job for one member of our team. The forward thinking of Northwestern Mutual leadership anticipated the power and the possibilities of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Our team member was trained by the top SEO and Social Media leading pioneers, attending conferences and industry events.

    Dozens of exciting Internet projects, campaigns, and technologies were championed by our team member while employed at this Fortune 100+ prestigious company. No doubt, the knowledge of Internet Marketing and the business lessons learned from Northwestern Mutual prepared us to compete in the world of Internet Marketing at a higher than average level.

  • 2003 and Others

    Many were asking for help with Internet related projects. This lead to the incorporation of Mega Blue Wave, LLC. This “moon lighting” lead to many successful and exciting projects, included from that era are and

    Web design, PHP development, Internet software development of image manipulation and an aggressive SEO strategy ensured that these projects put us on the map of Internet Marketing. We still use our SEO work as a brag-right when showcasing our SEO work to prospective clients. After all ranking #1 out of over half a billion results on the Search Engines, for a super competitive keyword, is something to brag about.

  • 2007

    Our Twitter Birthday

    We joined Twitter and were ridiculed by friends, co-workers and even the boss, after a recommendation to use it for business. Now twitter is being used all over the world in nearly every business.

  • 2008

    Interactive Web Works, Inc. Was Incorporated

    In 2008 we focused on working full time in the Internet Marketing industry. We incorporated Interactive Web Works, Inc. and committed ourselves to full-time entrepreneurship.

  • 2009

    We are growing.

    Interactive Web Works doubled in size and reach. We welcomed our Creative Director.

  • 2010

    Still Growing

    IWW continues to grow and expand, offering new services and adding an Interactive Systems Director.

  • 2011

    IWW Poland Opened Up

    With the rapid growth rate of IWW, we opened our branch office in central Europe. This equipped us to better serve our clients.

    Google Plus for Business was an early Christmas gift that year and we began using it for our clients.

  • 2012

    IWW New Look and Website

    IWW Interactive Agency is rebranded and the website redesigned.

  • 2013

    Working with Microsoft Partners

    IWW enters in strategic partnerships and continues to acquire new clients. IWW is invited to speak at Microsoft sponsored events on Inbound Marketing.

  • 2014

    Going Strong

    IWW launches a brand new client website for Tecma Group of Companies.

  • 2015

    Global Clients

    IWW continues to serve their global clients, with it’s first client from Russia.

  • 2016

    Tap To Speak Was Born

    The idea of Tap To Speak was conceived. We created a prototype and proved the concept. The industry liked the idea and inspired us to push with Tap To Speak.

  • 2019

    Named as One of the Top Digital Agencies in 2019

    We are thrilled to be listed as one of the Top Digital Agencies in 2019 by DesignRush. We are honored.