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IWW is more than just another Interactive Agency.

We are professionals who have come together in an effort to provide all-inclusive online marketing solutions.

We make You attractive

Want more clients coming to you? We design and execute Inbound Marketing strategies that generate qualified leads through opportunity. We help you create and publish quality content, promote your business through SEO, social media and blogging, and then analyze results to further improve your visibility. See how inbound marketing can attract potential clients to your website.


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Google Authorship Bites the Dust

Not every bandwagon trend pays off. Over the past few years, we’ve seen white papers and listened to podcasts advising thought leaders to set up their Google Authorship profile and start linking their content in order to drive up SEO, credibility, and clickability. But it just didn’t pan out. Why?



Four Ways to Increase Lead Response – Infographic

Published in the Harvard Business Review, the research of Dr. James Oldroyd, a visiting research fellow at M.I.T. in partnership with David Elkington (InsideSales) reveals the four ways to increase lead response.  Based on three years of data, across many companies that responded to […]
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Mark Whiten

Creative Director


Lynnea Wawrzyniak

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Marek Wawrzyniak

President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Our staff has had an active involvement in the Internet realm for nearly two decades.

IWW has two goals: To introduce potential clients to the depth of our experience and expertise, then to partner with them in establishing their position as a viable contender in the Internet Marketplace.

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